McLeod Racing NMRA Ford Super Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio June 2014

Fathers day weekend the stangU car was lucky enough to be part of the McLeod Racing NMRA Ford Super Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio June 2014

We got to the Summit Motorpsorts Park in Norwalk OHIO late Friday evening just around dinner time. This was the first time we have ever been to this track and it is impressive.  The pit area is like being at a football stadium and the staging area sit behind the stands.  When you are in the burn out pits its as if you are in a fan cavern as the stands close down in on you.  As we were taking in all of the impressiveness of the park you still could hear the sweet sound of burning rubber and open headers.

Here is a video we took of driving through the pits we were just in awe as we saw a number of 2013 Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs, Team Beefcake Racing, old and new Ford Mustangs turbo charged, super charged or just built like crazy.  The video doesn’t really do it justice of the feeling we had when we wee cruising through.

Once we got tech’d in since we missed the True Street time trials we decided to park the stangU 2011 Ford Mustang GT and take a quick walk through the vendors setup in the pits.  They ranges from Twistflow heads, Johnny lightning performance, McLeod, Rousch, Royal Purple and a host of others.

After walking through and talking to a number of the vendors we decided to call it a night and actually head to the car wash and get the dust and dirt that the 330 mile trip added to our red color.  Once we got everything clean and dry we decided to spray on clear rock guard that we got from Amazon (if you would like to check it out click here).  We sprayed our rear quarter panels along with out bumper and top of our hood.

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stangU Car Videos

stangU Car Videos

stangU Car Videos

Our car the stangU Car Videos below give you an idea of the performance mods we have added.

May 5 2014 Test N Tune Night at Empire Dragway in NY which is our local 1/4 mile track.  For one of the test n tune nights that weren’t rained out there were a number of street class cars as well as pro mods.  It was a fun event and are excited about this years MOM Racing events which will begin in two short weeks.

StangU 2011 Ford Mustang GT Car vs Camaro SS with K/N and Tune

Here is another video from the test n tune day.  It was actually the first run of the bracket racing in which we won as the Chevy Camaro next to us read lighted.

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2011 Mustang GT 4.10 gears

2011 Mustang GT 4.10 gears

2011 Mustang GT 4.10 gears

When we got our 2011 Mustang GT automatic we just knew the car can a lot of more fun in it.  We put on a CAI , H pipe, lower control arms, relocation brackets and 85mm throttle body hopping to add some driving enjoyment yet we still weren’t happy.

2011 Mustang GT 4.10 gears

We kept reading about converters and gears and we kept going back and forth on the subject for a few reason.

  1. Gear wine
  2. Gas mileage
  3. Cost comparison between install and cost of gear or converter

We decided on 4.10’s which we bought right from Summit and were Ford brand.  We had a local mustang shop Vanstrom performance install them without a hitch.

Now lets fast forward almost a year and we decided to take a quick video to give you people on the fence some more to thing about.

In this video we are cruising about 65-75 and at the end of the trip we can confirm we got 20.5mpg which could have been a little better however our lead foot got in the way of that.

2011 Mustang GT 4.10 gears

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