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Oil filter 2011 mustang gt
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Oil filter for 2011 Mustang GT
Oil filter for 2011 Mustang GT

2011+ Ford Mustang GT Oil Change Instructions

The oil in any car needs to be changed and the stangu  2011 Ford Mustang GT is no exception. Since, we drive our car hard, we make sure to change the oil to ensure our engine will operate smooth as silk.

Here is a list of things you should have ready before you start:

  • Car Ramps or jack stangs (saftey always first)
  • Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter or M1-212 oil filter
  • 8 quarts of Mobile One 5w 20 (or your favorite brand of oil)
  • Plastic freezer zip lock bag (the one that measures 9×9)
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Craftsmen Metric Socket Set
  • Paper Towels
  • Oil Disposal Containers – We had to get a new one that could hold at least 8 quarts so we got a Wedco one that would handle 12.5 quarts

Step by step instructions on how to change your oil in 2011+ Ford Mustang GT

1.  Get the car either on a lift, jack stands or ramps.  We always stress safety first as it only takes a few seconds longer to get the jack stands under instead of just the garage jack.

2.  Crawl under our car with our Wedco 12 qt. Oil Disposal Container and place it properly under are car and then loosen the drain plug with our craftsman 16mm socket.

3.  We now take out Oil Filter Wrench and loosen the oil filter just about a half turn.

4.  Take the ziplock bag and place it all the way over the oil filter and twist the filter the rest of the way off with your hand.  This will be done from under your car.

5.  After the filter is off clean up any oil that may have spilled out with a clean , lint free towel or rag.

6.  Now replace the filter with your favorite filter we are going to use the Motorcraft filter and make sure the drain plug is back in place.  The correct torque specs for the drain plug is 19 foot pounds.

7.  Then you are going to start to pour in your 8 quarts of Mobile One or other Synthetic or Semi Synthetic Oil.  This will take some time so be patient.

8.  Make sure you wipe any drips you might have made and then start your car.  Let it run for a minute or so and then check the oil level.

9.  Remember to properly dispose of the oil at a recycling facility.

10.  Get your car off your jack stands or ramps and take car for a short ride.  After look to make sure there are no leaks.

So this wraps up your 2011 2012 2013 Ford Mustang GT Oil Change!