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2011 Ford Mustang GT upgrade to 4.10 gears
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2011 Ford Mustang GT upgrade to 4.10 gears
4.10 gears

In the quest to give our 2011 Ford Mustang GT aka stangU the most street-able, fun off the line performance we can we had been going back and forth between putting 4.10 gears or swapping out the converter. Both upgrades are not something we feel comfortable doing ourselves so part of the challenge was finding a shop locally that we can trust.

First, we created a list of things to consider:

  1. Noise – does the upgrade create any new sounds or noise inside or out of our car
  2. Gas mileage – does the upgrade increase/decrease the gas mileage
  3. Cost of install’s – how much does it cost with install
  4. Tune revisions – do we need to re-tune our car
  5. Street performance – what advantage is it going to give us from street light to street light.

Next, like any good decision making process we pulled out a quarter and flipped a coin just kidding.

Our decision was easy in the end

We actually didn’t have a solid feeling on anyone locally that has swapped a converter so our decision was easier so we decided on 4.10’s which we bought right from Summit. Our decision was to use the the Ford Racing brand over the Richmond Set which is also a good choice.  We had a local mustang shop Vanstrom performance install them without a hitch.

Then, we need to upload our custom tun from AED. This was very straight forward. Once we loaded the tune we started up stangU and then took it out on the street. Right away we noticed the torque as soon as we touched the pedal. In the past we had to get to the power band to really notice the torque however now is was on tap as soon as you hit the pedal.

Below, you will see a video we took of so you can see and hear what stangU sounds like.

In this video we are cruising about 65-75 and at the end of the trip we can confirm we got 20.5mpg which could have been a little better however our lead foot got in the way of that.

If we had to say anything about the gear swap is that you get into your final gear really quick. This means that cruising on the street you shift basically right off the line and then again and then again and your in your final gear by the time you get to the next stop light.

Thanks for ready and make sure to check back soon for other article on 2011+ Ford Mustang GT’s.

2011 Ford Mustang GT upgrade to 4.10 gears