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How to do a KAM reset on your 2011+ Mustang GT
KAM Reset Mustang GT

First, let’s talk about what KAM is?

KAM stands for “Keep Alive Memory”. This is memory that stores information that accounts for your driving habits, environment and even wear and tear on your car. This is all stored in something called the PCM which stands for powertrain control module. To break it down into simple terms this is the brain of your car.

Instructions on how to do a KAM reset on your 2011+ Mustang GT

Please use as your own risk and make sure to read the entire set of directions first before doing anything. The list below will walk you through performing the steps needed to manually do a KAM reset on your 2011+ Ford Mustang GT you can do the following:

1.  Disconnect the battery
2.  Put the key in and Turn key ON.
3.  Now Turn Headlights to the ON position.
4.  With the Key ON and Headlights on let sit for 15 min.
5.  Reconnect the battery.

Now once you start your car back up it will take a few minutes for your car to relearn its idle and a few other functions so don’t be alarmed.  However if you have to do an idle relearn on your Ford Mustang GT please click here now!

Thank you for reading the article how to do a KAM reset on your 2011+ Mustang GT and please check back for other articles that you can do right in your garage.

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